Our Office:
Fatih Sultan Mehmet Mah. Poligon Cad. Buyaka 2 Sitesi No: 8 A
1. Block Floor: 15
34771 Ümraniye/ Istanbul/ Turkey

Tel: +90 216 524 38 00
Fax: +90 216 510 61 49
e-mail: info@akfelgaz.com

Akfel Gaz is the importer and wholesaler of natural gas

Akfel Gaz imports and wholesales natural gas in Turkey since 2013. The company continue to improve competition in the Turkish natural gas market while preserving its environmental values.

Akfel Gaz’s ultimate goal is to supply natural gas to end users and wholesalers on competitive terms and become the leader of a completely liberalized Turkish gas market.

Prices For Different Fuel Types In Turkey

Cost comparison table of different fuel types used for residential heating and industrial zones in Turkey. According to the data published in the  table below, Natural Gas is the cheapest energy resource.   Click to see the table Residential Industrial Reference

Our Tariff

For more detailes click here.

Akfel Gaz continues to support the arts and artists …

  Akfel Gaz became a sponsor of the final part of 9th Season Istanbul Recitals 2015-2016.   On 4th June night Istanbul Recitals hosted Russian pianist Nikolai Demidenko, 9th Season 2015-2016 Finale performer.   Mr. Demidenko is one of the greatest Russian piano school performer in the international arena, especially, in Russian concerts repertoire. He […]

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