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34771 Ümraniye/ Istanbul/ Turkey

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Akfel Gaz

Akfel Gaz established in November 2011 to be the leading importer and wholesaler of natural gas in Turkey.


Akfel Gaz signed a 30 year natural gas sale and purchase agreement with Gazprom Export L.L.C. in August 2012. Under the agreement, Akfel Gaz may import up to 2.25 bcm of natural gas per annum. Operations began on 1 January 2013.


Akfel Gaz received import license number DİT/4140-4/00276 dated 26 November 2012.


Akfel Gaz’s ultimate goal is to supply natural gas to end users and wholesalers on competitive terms and become the leader of a completely liberalized Turkish gas market.


Akfel Gaz believes that highly qualified human resources are essential to enhancing the natural gas market in Turkey. By investing in human capital, Akfel Gaz plans to further develop its valuable know-how and experience in the Turkish Natural Gas Market.  The company plans to share its knowledge with all stakeholders including regulatory bodies, the TSO, market players and  social organizations to help build an enhanced and mature liberalized natural gas market.  While doing so, Akfel Gaz aims to maiximise customer satisfaction, environmental values, market development, competition and a sustainable economy.



Akfel Commodities

akfel_commodites_LogoAkfel is an energy conglomerate focused on sustainable growth, while creating enduring value for all of its stakeholders during two decades.


Established in Istanbul since 1995, Akfel has played a significant role in the regional energy markets  with its strategic partnerships.


Akfel conducts its operations in energy commodity trading under Akfel Commodities Turkey Holding A.Ş., mainly for Eurasian and overseas markets.


Akfel Commodities has the largest non-governmental market share in Turkey, with an annual trading volume of over 70 TWh. Furthermore, we have positioned ourselves uniquely in the South Eastern Europe gas market as a reliable gas supplier via multiple import channels. This is achieved through equity partnerships with leading global energy companies.


To complement Akfel’s strength in oil&gas markets, we have been at the forefront of the development of the renewable energy market in Turkey and the CIS countries, with a strong portfolio that includes hydro power plants and photovoltaic electricity generation. In addition, Akfel engages in regional cross-border power transactions and is a major trader in Turkish power market.

Akfel has an extensive international organization that not only strengthens its clout in different business lines, but also supports the group in its efforts to become a leading player in the global energy industry across the Eurasian region.


As it celebrates its 20th year in business, Akfel’s competitive engineering strengths, its customer- and quality-focus, its continuous-improvement and a lifelong learning approach, its teamwork, its talent for coming up with unique solutions, and its commitment to multiculturalism are the essential elements that will continue to power the Akfel’s future growth performance.


For more information: http://www.akfel.com/

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