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Fatih Sultan Mehmet Mah. Poligon Cad. Buyaka 2 Sitesi No: 8 A
1. Block Floor: 15
34771 Ümraniye/ Istanbul/ Turkey

Tel: +90 216 524 38 00
Fax: +90 216 510 61 49
e-mail: info@akfelgaz.com

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Pursuant to the import contract signed by Akfel Gaz and Gazprom Export, Akfel Gaz will provide natural gas supply services to eligible consumers, local distribution companies and other importer and wholesale companies within the Turkish natural gas market


In recent years, substantial progress has been made towards the liberalization of the Turkish Natural Gas Market.  Akfel Gaz offers high quality and reliable services to its customers with the aim of providing advantageous flexible solutions which keep pace with growing competitive market conditions.


By securing an annual import capacity of 2,25 bcm for the next 30 years, Akfel Gaz can assure its customers with a secure supply of natural gas.  Akfel Gaz procures its natural gas from a number of different supply points, allowing it to offer alternative gas trade opportunities to its customers.  This also allows Akfel Gaz to always remain compatible with the latest market conditions.


Akfel Gaz is a signficant player in Turkey’s private natural gas market.  Its experience in market competition regulation and legislation means that Akfel Gaz makes important contributions to the establishment of a more competitive market.   By always focussing on the interests of its customers, Akfel Gaz aims to build a strong and permanent relationship with its clientele.

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